I must say this about my current work:

Each time I reach a certain finishing point with this series something else surfaces and insists on its own “dictation” within the work, so that throughout the development of the series, it’s ending up feeling as if it is has formed its self on its own terms…that my hands upon its development are really just the end to its own means of existence. It’s not the first time I experience this within the development of my works, as most works of art that come to be are really (to my mind) just waiting for the right person to bring their respective realities to the fore.

Talk about trusting a process…. And it’s not even that you’re trying to just add things to embellish a work, it’s that when a work feels incomplete it seems to inform you in some way to keep at it…from looking at it at strange angles(both literally and figuratively), to letting it sit on the work table or shelf for a while to have a ripening process. (for this work I have had to let it have its experience with various forms of light and shadow…)

So that while you may have a work all planned and mapped out, its energy, its essence – soul, if you will – can and will only come from within itself, and only process, and the trusting of this process will bring it to the fore.