A poem writ from an experience on a bridge…



voices mingling
           reaching out
           across a (painted) bridge

opening wind

           whispering leaves

conversations... detail
conversations… detail

The way this particular work is rendered has everything to do with gesture: the control of the tool, expression through colour, shape and unoccupied space – which can be as provocative as that which is occupied. Basically the work is about harmony, the sight and feel of it in our surrounding, our world – the potential of such achievement. That seeing words spoken as much as hearing them has the power to provoke as much response as the text itself.

conversations… 2007
Author, artist: Jacqueline Harris
Cola pen, gouache & watercolour on Arches paper
15” x 22.75” (38cm x 56cm)

conversations… is a poem/visual composition of some of my earlier works. This piece was selected for the international exhibition titled Words Images Gestures: Responding to Our World, held at the Guildford Art Center, Guildford, Connecticut, USA in 2007. It was also published in Letter Arts Review • volume 22 number 1.