Printed forest

The beauty of form is enchanting in moonlight, especially when depicted deep into a forest at night, edging us into a dreamlike state where time has no value… 

In this image detail from the book Dream Sequence I, l’enchantement de la femme noire, a female figure in black roams among the dark shapes and shadows of a forest. Distinguished by her subtle feminine edge, she moves through the forest growth unnoticed. Her presence is barely discerned yet her movement may be caught within the outer limits of sight. She could simply be another form amongst the many thicks and thins found within the woods, yet she is an entity in her own, wandering in solitude and keeping to her own time – her dreamstate, led by the gilded limbs that are lit up by a full floating orb of white within a forest that is dark yet ensconced in light.

Book info:

Author, artist: Jacqueline Harris
Dream Sequence I, l’enchantement de la femme noire was created for and exhibited in the show Bound by Nature in 2011. The book also showed in Homage: Between the Lines, a Symposium on Manitoba Writing in 2012. Both exhibitions were held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Pochoir print and 23kt gilding on Rives, mounted and bound on fine Japanese and
St. Armand papers.
Text by artist.
This book is bound in a handmade box. To provide an idea of the scale of this book, dimensions are: h 18.3 cm x w 64cm x d 1.2cm (book closed up); w 186.6 cm (book opened up).